Advansor CO2 Booster System Installation and Startup

This course covers Advansor CO2 Booster systems installation, start-up, maintenance and troubleshooting. Participants become familiar with CO2 Booster systems and how they operate. Control and operating strategies along with specific concerns relating to installations and startups are explained. An overview of the technology describes the benefits CO2 Booster systems provide such as the complete elimination of HFC refrigerant charge from the refrigeration systems and how they improve customers sustainability and environmental friendliness.

The material covered in this module is at an advanced level. An understanding of basic refrigeration principles and Secondary Systems is necessary. Completion of Hillphoenix Learning Center Systems  CO2 Product Information and Refrigeration Legends and Design Considerations is helpful.

  • Who should take this class?

    Contractors and other individuals who install or are involved with the installation, sales or service of CO2 Booster systems.

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    • Instructor-Led$299.00
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