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The Learning Center Courses —Online (OL) and Instructor-Led (IL)—are listed here with the cost for each course shown as available for OL and/or IL registration. Click the View button for details on the course.

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We are continuously updated our online course offerings and adding new courses.If you don’t see a course you would like check back again or Contact Us let us know any ideas you have for new courses we could offer.

COURSES AVAILABLE Online Instructor-Led

Basic Refrigeration

This course covers the refrigeration process, the heat transfer properties, and basic components of the refrigeration cycle.


Basic Refrigeration Level 1

This course consists of basic refrigeration cycle theory.


Brazing Class 101

Brazing Class


Case Installation, Start-Up, Troubleshooting and Maintenance

This course provides a working knowledge of the installation, start-up, maintenance, and troubleshooting procedures for refrigerated cases.

$0.00 $0.00

Compressor Troubleshooting and Repair

This Course consist of Refrigeration compressors breakdown, troubleshooting and repair.


Electrical retake class

This class is only for Mechanic how did not pass the first schedule course


Energy Optimization, Preventative Maintenance and Electricity for Refrigeration

This course deals with the value of energy use to Kroger and an understanding of electricity in refrigeration.


Kroger Refrigeration Safety

This program discusses the safety precautions surrounding the effects of refrigerants used in Kroger's walk-ins and refrigerated display cases with a focus on CO2 as environmentally friendly type of refrigerant.


Oil Management Systems

This course consist of supermarket refrigeration oil management systms


Refrigeration Basic Electrical class

This Class consists of the Basic electrical fundamentals in refrigeration


Refrigeration Legends and Design Considerations

This course explains the information contained on a legend, the purpose of a legend, and how legends are used and applied for store design specifications.


Refrigeration Training Level 2, Section 3 - Motors & VFD Drives

This class consists of different types of motors and Emersion VFD condenser drives


Store Equipment (Meat & Seafood)

Store Equipment  Troubleshooting & repair

Mechanical/Elecrical for Back of Store Meat & Seafood


Store equipment Deli/ Bakery

This class consist of Basic operations of Deli & Bakery equipment


Systems DX Installation, Start-Up, Troubleshooting and Maintenance

This courses explains how to properly service, maintain, and troubleshoot a Direct Expansion (DX) system for Kroger supermarkets and other applications

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