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Basic Refrigeration

This course covers the refrigeration process, the heat transfer properties, and basic components of the refrigeration cycle.


Coolgenix Merchandising

Coolgenix® is exclusive technology developed by Hillphoenix® that cools products through conductive cooling. This course outlines the benefits of Coolgenix technology, the best methods to merchandise these cases to properly showcase your products, how to correctly utilize display ware within a Coolgenix case, and how to properly clean a Coolgenix display case.

Driver Safety

Driver Safety


Heat Stress Management

Heat Stress Management

Hillphoenix Product Knowledge

This course is designed to provide a working knowledge of the products produced by five of the company’s divisions and the major options and configurations that are available.

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Introduction to Revit

This Revit Course is a basic overview of Revit and how Revit is used to harness BIM (Building Information Modeling). Materials covered in this course are at a basic level. An understanding of basic Revit principles, processes and how to use Revit to harness BIM. 


LED Retrofit Training

The Hillphoenix Clearvoyant 2 LED Retrofit Program training will detail the steps required to competently execute an LED retrofit with a refrigerated display case manufactured by Hillphoenix and any other manufacturer.


Revit Training

*A PC is REQUIRED for this course (Revit 2013-2017 Full or 30-Day Trial Installed)

This Revit course is hands-on training demonstrating how to work with Revit and use it in a design platform. Participants will work on various skill sets and learn how to harness Revit to create smart documentation with schedules, interference checking, sheets creation and more. 

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